Bomb Timer


Bomb Timer

Bomb Timer is a simple blind timer that has a ton of different uses. A blind timer is a countdown clock that doesn’t show how much time is left. You can set to be a certain amount of time, or you can make it random! When you start the timer, the wick lights and begins to work its way down the fuse. At the end, it does what bombs do... boom :)


Seeing that this is a timer and not actually a game, the objective is whatever you want it to be! Some great ideas are:

- Hot Potato-type game with a black dodge ball.

- Find a person with matching [shoes, hair, fingerprints, etc] before the bomb goes off.

- Eat as many chicken nuggets as possible before the bomb explodes.

- Attach a flashlight to an oscillating fan and point it at a row of students on stage. When the bomb goes off, the person with the light on them is out!

- Blindfold your students have place each of them in front of chair. Let them know that the bomb is going to explode sometime between 15 and 45 seconds. The last person to sit down before the bomb goes off is the winner.