Bring Me A...


Bring Me A…

"Bring Me A…” is a classic youth ministry game. Have your students sit down and prepare to run up with whatever appears on the screen! You can do everything from a 1975 Quarter to a white shoelaces. Since you get to enter the items into the game’s dashboard, you get to come up with whatever you want!


Open the game and wait for the dashboard to load. Once it loads, click on the settings icon (looks like a gear) from the side menu.

In the settings, you can enter as many items as you'd like. Just hit the enter key to create a new line between items.

Make sure you save your settings! Then lauch the game.

Tell your students to sit down! If they have the item that appears on the screen, they have to run up and hand it to you. The first person to do so will win.

Since this game can have multiple winners, it’s a good idea to set each winner aside to play another game to win a prize.

Spacebar = Next Item.

ENTER KEY = Random Item.

R KEY = Reset game.

LEFT ARROW KEY = Remove Item.

UP ARROW KEY = Show Logo.