Fa La Llama Llamalong


Fa La Llama Llamalong

Santa’s little helpers volunteered their time to spice up the classic Llama Llamalong game, by suiting the llamas up like Christmas elves! Fa La Llama Llamalong adds a great change up for those ministries that regularly play Llama Llamalong, but works great on its own. Students pick up on the rules quickly, but mastering it? Not so simple. Also, did we mention this youth group game takes no-prep and it gets more fun every time your ministry plays it? Fa La Llama Llamalong is most fun to play when your youth group has a weekly Fa La Llama Llamalong Champion. Each week, bring a student up to beat the highest score. If they do it, they become the new champ until someone beats their score, or until New Years.


Invite a student up to the stage. Instruct your contestant to memorize the pattern of the elf-llamas bleating their beautiful elf-llama music. Every level adds another llama to the sequence. If they mess up, it’s game over!

Fa La Llama Llamalong uses the 1-4 keys on the keyboard to make an elf-llama sing. Bringing a Bluetooth keyboard on stage works great.

If you're using a MakeyMakey, the arrow keys work as well!