Flip Timer


Flip Counter

The Flip Timer is a virtual take on a classic design. Old countdown clocks show a number onscreen with a cool background. Lame! 

We wanted to do something different. Just like a real flip-style clock, this counter flips each number as time passes. The sound effects and animation make it feel like a real clock. We call it “real virtuality.”


You have two options:

Count up – This mode starts the clock at 0 seconds and counts up.<br/>

Countdown – In this mode, you set the starting time in seconds (i.e. 300 seconds = 5 minutes). If you go above 3600 seconds (1 hour), the clock will expand to show hours along with minutes and seconds.

To start/stop the clock, tap on the, spacebar. Tap, “R” to reset it. It’s that simple.