Follow the Heart


Follow the Heart

Follow the Heart is a Valentine's Day version of our classic, Follow the Queen game! It's really simple to play and requires no setup. Just show your students the 3 cards on the screen and have them keep their eye on the red heart. Then flip the cards and start shuffling. They have to guess which card is the red heart. You control the speed of the shuffle and which cards to flip. The best part is, you can force a card to be the right or wrong card. This is perfect if you need to help a student out... or force them out!


To start, press the 4 key to flip all of the cards at once. This will show the positions of the red heart and two black hearts.

Tell your students to follow the red heart. Press the 4 key again to flip the cards on their faces. Press the left arrow key to set the speed to slow. Then press the spacebar to begin shuffling the cards. Let them shuffle a few times, the press the spacebar again to stop.

Then you ask the students to guess which card is the red card. Use the number keys to reveal the cards one by one. Now, you can explain that you’re about to make the game a little more difficult.

Flip all of the cards on their faces. Tap the up arrow key to set the speed to normal. Tap the spacebard to start shuffling. Let it go for a little while and then tap the spacebar again to stop. See if your students can find the red heart.

Finally, flip all of the cards on their face again and tap the right arrow key to set the speed to fast. Hit the spacebar to start shuffling. It's going to go insanely fast. It always gets a good laugh. When you're ready, hit the spacebar to stop shuffling. Then have the students guess. At this point, it's going to be impossible for them to know.

Sometimes you’re going to want to mess with your students and force a result. To do this, tap the ‘r’ key before your flip a card. The next card you flip will be the Red Heart. The same is true with the ‘b’ key for the Black Hearts. Make sure that if you decide to force a card, you need to force the other two cards as well. Otherwise, you may end up in a situation where you force the Red Heart for the first card, but the real Red Heart is revealed under the second card.