Name in a Box


Name in a Box

Name in a Box is exactly what it sounds like! You can enter as many names, prizes, challenges, verses, etc into the dashboard and a really long arm will randomly select one at a time from the box! It's painfully simple, but that's the point! It's a really easy way to pick a student for a game or to pick prizes.


Before you can play this game, you need names. You can either type them in yourself, or you can have students enter their own names. Some ministries will leave the computer out at the beginning of their night and allow students who want to play a game to enter their name. That's really smart because then you know they want to be apart of it.

Once the names are entered, just launch the game! The spacebar controls everything. So press it once to make the hand reach into the box. You'll hear a drumroll that will loop forever. Press the spacebar again to pull a card out and finish the drumroll. Then press the spacebar again to remove the hand and card. If you want to pick a new card, just press the spacebar again!

Once a card has been picked, it's no longer on the list. If you need a name that can be picked more than once, just add it multiple times on the list. In most cases, you just need to pick somebody once for something. Other than that, it's really really simple and really really fun :)