Pig Scoreboard


Pig Scoreboard

It’s nice to have a game that doesn’t take a lot of explaining beforehand and is simple to run. That’s why we have Pig Scoreboard. Most people have played at least one game of PIG, even in the olden times: “Thee hast error thine own shot. Thou art now adorn with P-I-G.”


To set up the Pig Scoreboard, select the number of players (up to four). Each player will get a pig with a different colored shirt and sunglasses. To play, just have the first player attempt a shot.

If they miss, tap the P key on the keyboard to give them a P. Then, tap the right arrow key to go to the next pig. When a student makes their shot, go to the next pig. Every time as student misses a shot, press the letter they earned on the keyboard.

If someone gets, PIG, they’re out. The winner is the last person without a PIG. If you need to reset anyone’s score, just go to their pig and tap R on the keyboard. To see a view of everyone’s pig, tap the ENTER key on the keyboard. Tap it again to zoom back into the current pig. As with all of our games, the rules are up to you! This is just a suggestion on how to play.