Remember, “Popcorn Reading”, back in school? It was the worst thing ever. Not paying attention until you hear someone say popcorn, and then you look down at the book and try to find where they just left off. Absolutely barbaric! Of course, if you are paying attention you never get your name called. 

This app is a great way to read during your captivating and inspiring Bible study. Or you can use it for something dumb like picking people to sing their favorite song until their timer is up.


Popcorn was a great suggestion from a member. You enter students’ names into the settings and allow the app to select who is going to read/dance/whatever next. You can set a time limit for each person or set it to zero, and there will be no countdown for that person. Pressing the left and right arrow keys let you cycle through names in the order that you set. If you want to pick a random name, just press the up or down arrow keys.