Stop the Clock - 3 Thumbs Up


Stop the Clock - 3 Thumbs Up

"Stop the Clock", is a new series of games that has students trying to figure out how to stop the clock (hence the name). STC can be used in an escape room, during scavenger hunts, or on stage during your large group time. This STC is called, "Three Thumbs Up" and requires students to find and plug three USB thumb drives into a USB hub to... Stop the Clock!


To set this game up, you're going to need three usb flash drives. You can use any usb flash drives laying around, but I recommend grabbing some cheap ones online (just in case they get lost or broken). You'll also need a usb hub with at least three ports.

You can either hide the USB keys around the church, or set up an Escape Room (I'm working on escape room instructions right now!). Create a map or a list of clues that will guide the students to these hidden flash drives. Hook up the USB hub and place it somewhere the students can access (like on stage or on a table in the middle of the room). You can set the time to be whatever you think is best.

Tell your students that they have x number of minutes to stop the clock. Give them the clues and send them on their way!