Three Spree


Three Spree

Quick! Name a Superhero! Name another! Another! ANOTHER!!! Three Spree is a fast-paced category game that has students naming off items in a category as fast as they can, without repeating anything or running out the three second clock. You make up the categories ahead of time, so they can be generic or specific to your youth ministry (like naming off volunteers).


Open the game and enter your categories in the settings box. Separate each category by a new line (i.e. the Enter key on your keyboard). Once you’re done, make sure you save your changes. Click on the, “Launch” toggle switch in the top right corner when you’re ready to start playing.

This games works best when you have two students going head-to-head. The rules are simple, “We’re going to show a category on the screen. Person A will have to name something in that category. For example, if it’s Superheroes, you’d say, ‘Batman‘. Then Person B has to name a different superhero. You’ll go back and forth until someone either repeats one that has already been said, or if they runout the three second clock that is reset each turn.”

Use the controls in the dashboard to display the first category. Make sure you reset and start the countdown at the beginning of each turn. The best way to do this is to hit the, ‘r‘ key on your keyboard, then immediately hit the Spacebar. That will reset and start the timer.

Once someone runs out the timer, or repeats an answer, switch to the next category. Keep doing this until you either run out of categories or it’s clear that one person is the winner.