Three of a Kind - Valentine's Edition


Three of a Kind - Valentine's Edition

Three of a Kind is a really simple and easy to play game. Just hit the spacebar and try to get three of the same heart in a row. This is perfect for tie-breaking or deciding the order of team activities. Just bring a few students up and either have them hit the spacebar or yell, "STOP!" Like most of our games, you can help a student out and force them to win... you can also force them to lose!


Click the Start/Stop button to start the game. Then click it again to stop each box, one at a time. By default, it will pick at random. If you need to force it to match/not match the previous box, click on one of the force buttons, then click the Start/Stop button to stop the next box. If you change your mind, you can click on the Pick Random button to set it back to pick randomly. The force button needs to be clicked before you stop each box.

You can make up whatever rules you'd like, but a good idea is to give each person 3 chances to get three of a kind. If they get two of a kind, they can get an extra turn. Since you can control if they win or not, you'll never run into the situation where nobody wins.