Unstand If...


Unstand If...

"Unstand if..." is your classic, "Sit down if..." youth ministry game. The cool thing about this game is that you can quickly enter the conditions and start playing right away. Just have everyone stand up. If what's on the screen is true about them, have them unstand (aka sit down)! Since you can change the conditions in the dashboard, this is a great and simple game that can be played every week.


Open the game and wait for the dashboard to load. Once it loads, click on the settings icon (looks like a gear) from the side menu.

In the settings, you can enter as many conditions as you'd like. Just hit the enter key to create a new line between conditions.

Make sure you save your settings! Then lauch the game.

Tell your students to stand up! If what shows up on the screen is true for them, they have to unstand!

Spacebar = Next condition.

ENTER KEY = Random Condition.

r KEY = Reset game.

UP ARROW = Move Logo Up.

DOWN ARROW = Move Logo Down.